About Kim


Kim suffered from panic attacks and anxiety in her 20s, then chronic eczema in her 30s. She spent years meeting with “everyone under the sun” in hopes of understanding and curing what ailed her. Turns out, time, trauma focused psychotherapy, and spiritual practice do heal old wounds. 

After some twenty years of practice and over a decade of teaching yoga, in 2014, Kim founded Savasana Station, a mindful yoga studio in NYC. Though the studio was highly successful from a community and teaching aspect, unfortunately the doors closed in 2017 due to financial strains. Shortly there after, Kim decided it was time to go back to school and pursue a clinical track MSW to officially become a psychotherapist. Kim has a BA from SUNY Albany 1990, and is currently an MSW clinical track candidate Simmons University 2020. 

Kim’s under explored parts of her brain/mind/body are fueled by courageous conversations, travel, teaching yoga retreats, and occasional long luxurious meals preferably prepared by her partner, Chef Marq Hayes. Kim and Marq are working together to heal those who have been effected by trauma and social injustice. 

Fun facts about Kim: she has lived in all five boroughs of NYC and was first runner up in Miss NY State Teenager pageant. Forever pushing the edge of personal interests and working with the unknown and uncomfortable, Kim cut her teeth (and bit her lip) fumbling with improv comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade. She earned her SAG card in 1995 by holding a microphone up to Shaquille O’Neal in the movie Kazaam.

Kim Stetz ~ Savasana Station Yoga, NYC

Kim Stetz ~ Savasana Station Yoga, NYC



I am feeling lighter physically and liking how I feel. This past year I was connected to my physical body differently than I'd ever been before with starting a business and teaching a lot. I missed having a more physical personal practice - my practice and much needed so I could take care of my mental health was all about meditation, body scans, yoga nidra and body trauma release. None of which are physically active (subtly though) which was very difficult for me to allow myself this change. The balance for me was to be as still as possible and rest as much as I could so that I could sustain all the mental and physical energy it took/takes to do what I've set out to accomplish.

I initially signed up for the retreat because it took place a week prior to my wedding. I knew I would need strategies to help me relax and remain grounded during an immensely stressful time.  I also wanted to strengthen myself emotionally and physically in preparation for the big day.  The retreat provided everything I had hoped and more.  I felt such a strong sense of community within the group and everyone was so supportive of one another. Kim is wonderful at establishing connections with each individual and she made us all feel comfortable in this environment.  The bond we felt at the end of the week is truly a testament to her dedication to the practice and the practitioners.  I would highly recommend a yoga retreat to anyone who is looking to de-stress, reflect, and do something positive for themselves.

From a results perspective, there's the physical aspect where I feel more grounded, stronger and connected to the earth. But, more than that, emotionally, I feel more open and raw and honest. When we spoke to one another this week, I felt that everyone cared about what I had to say and truly listened when each other spoke. This week, off the mat, I had conversations with people that I wouldn't have had normally. This retreat gave me the strength and courage to speak my truth. 

I am so thankful for the breath, movement, and stillness we have shared this year. You and Savasana Station have been a second home and family. Thank you for the wisdom, compassion and love you have shown.

Thank you for yet another amazing yoga experience. You are a truly gifted & inspirational teacher!

Every class is a magical experience. It has definitely changed my life in every level: mind, body, heart. I'm grateful for having Savasana Station in the East Village.

Absolutely love love love this studio! From the classes to the instructors to the space itself, everything is perfect! I always leave feeling refreshed and more mindful. It doesn't get any better than this. The owner, Kim, has created an amazing space to explore and grow any yogi's practice. 

Savasana Station is an amazing yoga studio! Kim has created such a welcoming environment and community. The space is beautiful and intimate and there is a real sense of community here. Whether you are a beginner or a long practicing yogi you'll have a great experience, everyone is welcome. I always feel so much better, physically and mentally, after classes here! I've learned so much from each of the caring teachers and I see the positive effects of my practice  in so many aspects of my life.