Start Ups

 Photos from Wall Street Journal article 2008

Photos from Wall Street Journal article 2008


It all started when...

Kim worked for one of the first health and wellness startups from 2003-05. A fellow yoga teacher trainee from her graduating class approached her with an opportunity to teach for their clients they were soon to procure. And they did. Kim has taught yoga at Blue Ridge Capital, Ziff Brothers, Karsch Capital, Deloitte Touch, Price Waterhouse Cooper, to name a few. Kim quickly maxed out her time with private clients within a year from starting her private teaching practice. Only one problem - there was only one of her and too much demand to fill and not enough time.

Problem solved Yoga For Tired People at Work! Kim or a member of her team can come to you! Kim only works with highly skilled and trained teachers who are professional and there to teach you.