Take Me With You

This Yogini has travelled a lot. Kim has made travel a priority in her life. Exposure to diverse cultures and lifestyle is paramount for growth in an interdependent world. Consider bringing this Yogini along for your next True Wellness group adventure or work retreat. Referrals and interview are necessary. 


Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Would you like to have a daily yoga, meditation or exercise class as part of your routine while traveling? Kim will make sure it happens. 

Kim lives in NYC. She has been to Australia, Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Morocco, UK, and lived in Europe, for her own personal development and love for travel. 

Kim has led True Wellness Retreats at luxury wellness centers Prana Del Mar, Mexico & The Sanctuary At Two Rivers, Costa Rica. 

Vrindavan, India

On pilgrimage with Raghunath Cappo

Writing Elephant Journal Part 1, Part 2, Part 3




Tulum, Mexico

Always meet the locals and do what they do. 

Marrakesh, Morocco 


Retreat scouting with Savasna Station supporter and native Moroccan, Alain Suissa.